Easter Morning brought a world charged by a new reality.   This Easter we too face a world changed; an inconceivable reality has become so much more than real.  Easter Morning opened up new choices and decisions for those followed and loved Jesus and those who did not. Facing the choice, seeking the path, trusting in truth, the disciples forged a new community from a shattered one.  They clung to each other, sought wisdom, met failure and moved on.  Those moments of epiphany as they explored the empty cave and huddled in the upper room have a voice and speak to this moment in time.

The “old ways” could not continue.  Scripture shows  the wrestling among believers over that.  Consensus was not easily attained.  But the idea that the disciples, missioned on Pentecost, moved through this initial time of transition to re-discover the presence of Jesus in the world speaks volumes.  Easter morning was a moment that mattered to each of them in diiferent ways.  There was grief and mourning, skepticism and confusion, all the emotions that swell in tragedy’s wake.  In facing that, the disciples were able to walk with one another and take next steps with purpose and freedom. Easter Morning was a turning point that empowered each person to choose anew.

The power of Easter Morning lives today because the story  so closely intimates the journey of life.  It defies the limits of popular culture and speaks to the deeper aspect of humanity.  Strugggles and challenges, loss and confusion are basics of the human experience.  Life is not easy.  Strength comes from the community of believers, from the simplicity of faith and the power of trust.  Recognizing Jesus present in one another and the critical nature of the mandate to “Love one another as I have loved you” made a real difference after Jesus’ death and resurrection.  Every day, it mattered what the disciples did and how they did it. They acknowledged death and embraced resurrection; they chose to live in the light of hope and purpose.  They sumounted incredulity and took action.   They lived out new possiblities.

Imprisoned as we are by the “Invisible Enemy” , the parallels of the resurrection to what the world faces today abound. The lessons are clear: this awful reality has taken place.  Our strongest resource is our own community; there will be new paths and chocies unfolding.  There will be moments of doubt and skepticism, disagreement and daring.  Like Jesus and his disciples, “loving one another” will be a key factor in moving forward. It will matter what we do and how we do it.  After devastating loss, we will need to choose to live in the light of hope with purpose.  It will be time to live out new possibilities.  Easter was a turning point so long ago; it can be our turning point now, our promise to the future.





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