Anger is an emotion of purpose, of significance and strength.  It is productive, acceptable, empathetic and compassionate.  It is born, breathes, takes shape  and dies.  It has a home in the passions of human life, and it has an undeniable protective instinct.  It alerts to injustice,  reacts to mistreatment,  rescues from victimization.  Somehow, sparks of anger and even its smoldering rumblings, manifest the powerful synergy  of human and divine.

Human and divine conspire in the advent of anger, introduce choices and possibility and direction.  The edgy discomfort and awkward fury  cannot dispel the strength of the goodness that impels anger.  There is meaning in its manifestation, and that is honored in its reasonable expression and resolution.

Sacred space, its quiet and its simplicity, are invitations to explore the  swirl of emotions that shape the journey of  life, to name the anger and know the moment, embrace being human.  Sacred space is the reminder that the divine infuses all that is human, all that is real, all that matters.  Sacred space is the intentionality of acknowledging the presence of a gentle and loving God whose goodness far surpasses what is humanly comprehensible.  Trusting the companionship of that God enables a humble human being to nuture the flame of the Divine in every encounter.  Those encounters illuminate the darkness of lives and open new and sacred spaces in the most unexpected places.

Anger erupts and flows from pained places; unlike soft-soled happiness or needing-comfort sadness, anger explodes with destructive capacities rarely welcomed by either the source or its targets.  And yet, its very force displays the broad continuum of personal interests, strengths, insecurities and perceptions.  Justifiable or misplaced, anger belongs to sacred space where it meets clarity and finds forgiveness and knows redemption in being touched once again by the Divine.








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