Three Kings

There is a resplendence to the Epiphany, a beauty and dignity to the idea of kings trusting personal instincts, confidently pursuing a star, carrying gifts for a newborn.  There is a resonanace in their mistrust of Herod, in the choices that protected a child.  And there are questions, a plethora of questions.  It is story that celebrates light, recognizes darkness and confides the ambiguity that characterizes human lives.

There is a place for everyone in the Epiphany, a role to be explored and played.  There are the kings, their escorts,  Mary, the infant Jesus, Joseph….it is a narrative that opens up pathways for looking at self, thinking about gifts shared and received, wondering  what road to choose, how to respond to the stars we see, what to carry on the journey.

Entering into that journey to find meaning, purpose, and peace is the invitation of the Epiphany.  It is about being able to actually see the Star, and find the conviction to follow it.  It is about discovering companions for the impossible moments, and being a companion for others.  Above all, it is about trust, the kind of trust that is predicated on deeply held beliefs, that does not know fear, that opens up the soul to the real mysteries of life.

The Epiphany is not confined to a story, to one day a year.  It is the revelation that life is so very worth living, and risks are so very worth taking, and that somewhere, God is waiting.







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