New heart

There are countless ways to define diffeeences among people.  But to find the similarities requires vision and the capacity to see self as realistically as possible.   The promise of a new heart, a new spirit, articulated in Scripture does not confine “new” to youth.

“New”  happens to everyone and age or circumstance does not matter. “New” means being able to identify where openness and change are needed.  And then it means choosing the hard work of becoming a better person.

In essence, this means taking the time everyday to evaluate.  There are so many standards or examples to choose from. It is possible to look at Benedict ‘s big three: self-importance, lust, greed. Others might feel more comfortable with Teresa of Avila’s  “you are the hands and heart of Christ”…and the Ten Commandments will do the job for others.  The tools are there: what is necessary is their use.

In times of transition, it is easier to drop the rituals which provide the structure of a day.   Work can be so anxiety producing that the balance can be hard to find.  Most of all, the discipline of remembering the process of renewing each day displays the commitment that enhances the life of a Catholic.  The promise of the new heart can be the end-product.



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