At home as a Catholic

Homes are the heart of human existence, shaped from the intertwining of lives over the passage of time.  Homes gratefully enfold the  extraordinary and the mundane, weave meaning into triumphs and  tragedies, shape purpose and establish identity.

Being “at home”  implies both the depth of comfort and the warmth of intimacy.  And of course, at times, being “at home” brings challenge,  demands growth and necessitates change.

All that is part of  a living Catholicism.  This is a small attempt to recall, capture, and share some of those experiences that define what it means to be at home as a Catholic, to celebrate the extraordinary and the mundane, to see what has happened and wonder at the facets of life that bring meaning to existence and purpose to daily choices.

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To live in peace, in harmony, requires so much more than cooperation or compliance. In a world where hurt is too often a daily phenomenon, where suffering is rampant and joy more than a necessity, forgiveness matters. It is not the enunciation of phrases; it is a wholehearted acceptance of reality, acknowledgement of responsibility and … Continue reading Forgiveness


It is a mysterious and wonderful thing when spring skies lift spirits and the earth bursts with vibrant colors. And so it is with Pentecost. After all the low and high tides of the Easter season, there is the mysterious and wonderful burst of Pentecost. Childhood versions of that were sketchy and yet a promise … Continue reading Pentecost

Becoming human

While children in Sudan are starving and migrants are being bused to sanctuary cities, while Bakhmut is falling and the G7 leaders meet at Hiroshima, while China watches Taiwan and Putin eyes Ukraine, the free world revels in memes and streaming, in the stuff of wealth and its complaints, in violence in language and action. … Continue reading Becoming human


Yesterday, in the glow of Adirondack spring, I drove through windy mountain roads to a tiny cemetery tucked behind two imposing structures. But there were uniformed firefighters gathered and a huge American flag draped from the ladder truck. And in truth, it was not only the windy road that brought us together, but the strange … Continue reading Mountains

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