At home as a Catholic

Homes are the heart of human existence, shaped from the intertwining of lives over the passage of time.  Homes gratefully enfold the  extraordinary and the mundane, weave meaning into triumphs and  tragedies, shape purpose and establish identity.

Being “at home”  implies both the depth of comfort and the warmth of intimacy.  And of course, at times, being “at home” brings challenge,  demands growth and necessitates change.

All that is part of  a living Catholicism.  This is a small attempt to recall, capture, and share some of those experiences that define what it means to be at home as a Catholic, to celebrate the extraordinary and the mundane, to see what has happened and wonder at the facets of life that bring meaning to existence and purpose to daily choices.

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Ian ravaged Florida and the South, and now its gray remnants have chilled October’s start in New England. Everywhere, human fragility is on full view: the rescued and the homeless after the storm, gun violence bleeding into shopping centers and the aftermath of football games, assaults on city streets and the omnipresence of physiological trauma. … Continue reading Fragility


The first time we met was in a southern Connecticut on a property tucked snugly along a meandering road. The driveway was a windy, rut-filled trail with the woods as sentinels on either side. At the end, or perhaps the beginning, there was s sun-filled expanse and a simply framed home surrounded by welcoming gardens. … Continue reading Narratives

On the way

A certain discipline draws me here each week, to the space to reflect, remember, think and write. It was impelling at first, the seed of an idea. Born of life’s experiences and the scurrilous scandals suffered in the church, it was intended to be part narrative and part apologetic . It became a path to … Continue reading On the way

New beginnings

Bittersweet memories follow the Queen’s casket as it winds through the streets of Edinburgh. Loss and outrage linger together for long moments and still the world spins on. It happens in each of our lives: the specter of death and the divergence of memories and recollections. Still, the world spins on. And sometimes, death has … Continue reading New beginnings

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