At home as a Catholic

Homes are the heart of human existence, shaped from the intertwining of lives over the passage of time.  Homes gratefully enfold the  extraordinary and the mundane, weave meaning into triumphs and  tragedies, shape purpose and establish identity.

Being “at home”  implies both the depth of comfort and the warmth of intimacy.  And of course, at times, being “at home” brings challenge,  demands growth and necessitates change.

All that is part of  a living Catholicism.  This is a small attempt to recall, capture, and share some of those experiences that define what it means to be at home as a Catholic, to celebrate the extraordinary and the mundane, to see what has happened and wonder at the facets of life that bring meaning to existence and purpose to daily choices.

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Humility. In a world roaring with voices and searching for equity, justice, inclusion and change, humility would have no place. Such a world asks more: the choice, the action, the photo, the video, shot and shared. It demands visibility, advocacy, deliberate involvement. Society is demanding so much more than in the past. But beneath all … Continue reading Humility

Completely Other

This Sunday’s First Reading presents a passage from the prophet Isaiah. Chapter 55:6-9 speaks a message far louder than the words themselves. “6 Seek the LORD while he may be found, call him while he is near. 7 Let the scoundrel forsake his way, and the wicked his thoughts; let him turn to the LORD for mercy; … Continue reading Completely Other

The Forgiver

September is sliding into apple-picking season here in New England. There are those crisp clear nights that bear a hint of Autumn, and just enough cloud cover to contrast with just-emerging colors. That shift is reflected in the readings of the day; they are a summons to goodness, to forgiveness, to love. Jesus’ description of … Continue reading The Forgiver

Beauty of the Gray

There is a certain tenderness to the aging process, something that tempers youth’s passionate energies and reconsiders the pieces of the past with a generous understanding of life and truth. It is something that belongs wholly to those who have managed to navigate the complexities of life with reverence and reflection. More importantly, it enables … Continue reading Beauty of the Gray

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