At home as a Catholic

Homes are the heart of human existence, shaped from the intertwining of lives over the passage of time.  Homes gratefully enfold the  extraordinary and the mundane, weave meaning into triumphs and  tragedies, shape purpose and establish identity.

Being “at home”  implies both the depth of comfort and the warmth of intimacy.  And of course, at times, being “at home” brings challenge,  demands growth and necessitates change.

All that is part of  a living Catholicism.  This is a small attempt to recall, capture, and share some of those experiences that define what it means to be at home as a Catholic, to celebrate the extraordinary and the mundane, to see what has happened and wonder at the facets of life that bring meaning to existence and purpose to daily choices.

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Labor and Rest

“Come to me, all who labor without rest…for my yoke is easy and my burden is light…” Mt. 11 Those words conjure a beast plowing the driest of fields under an unrelenting sun with the incomprehensible weight of a wooden yoke trapping the creature into a predetermined task. Somehow, the yoke itself seemed an unbearable … Continue reading Labor and Rest


Somewhere in our world, there is a baby cradled safely in a mother’s arms, surrounded and protected by love that defies all explanations. Somewhere, there is an adult child gently stroking the hand of a dying parent, an escort on the final steps of a long journey. Somewhere, there are essential workers expending every energy … Continue reading Imagine

Without Condition

Junetenth. Father’s Day. Black Lives Matter. Tulsa Oklahoma. Coronavirus. America divided: splits, issues, defind the police, DACA. Tumultuous times. Anxieties. Stress. Loss. Grief. And for Catholics, the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time. But these are no ordinary times. Or are they? Struggle defines human life experience. M. Scott Peck captured that reality in the opening … Continue reading Without Condition

Corpus Christi

Dissonance has become routine for us now: there are protest rallies and pandemic warnings, demands and losses, side by side. Credibility and confusion are nearly synonymous, and subjectivity often disguises truth. Who to believe? What to believe? How to live in a world like this? We condemn what we have been given, loathe one another’s … Continue reading Corpus Christi

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