At home as a Catholic

Homes are the heart of human existence, shaped from the intertwining of lives over the passage of time.  Homes gratefully enfold the  extraordinary and the mundane, weave meaning into triumphs and  tragedies, shape purpose and establish identity.

Being “at home”  implies both the depth of comfort and the warmth of intimacy.  And of course, at times, being “at home” brings challenge,  demands growth and necessitates change.

All that is part of  a living Catholicism.  This is a small attempt to recall, capture, and share some of those experiences that define what it means to be at home as a Catholic, to celebrate the extraordinary and the mundane, to see what has happened and wonder at the facets of life that bring meaning to existence and purpose to daily choices.

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Reform and Change

It is that rarest of summer weather combinations:  a full breeze, clear skies and low-to-no humidity.  But it is also one of those rare spaces in life where new realizations crack open.  On Thursday night, I sat in a parish hall meeting room for Virtus Training, the program required to volunteer or work in organizatons … Continue reading Reform and Change

All in All

Bites of conversation suggested Millennials see religion as a form of brainwashing, a nod to the collective efforts to create individuals who can think freely and honestly and create a world of mutual respect that elevates democracy, enables innovation and expands possibilities for improving the world.  The truth of that is present in the ways … Continue reading All in All

Growing Old

The pamphlet is crisp and clear, an undisguised request for support.  Its contents are equally direct: a monastery in Memphis closed, the sisters relocated.  The second flier is colorful and savvy, but its contents yeild the same information:  elderly nuns in need of care and support.  They grew old in the service of God and … Continue reading Growing Old


There are a thousand constructs that shape each day:  environment, seasons, age, experiences.  Somehow, the threads come together and create memories.  Some of  those stretch into monuments and dominante the landscape; others hide in the background, waiting to be re-discovered, wanting to be used in understanding the past and discovering the future.   Those threads … Continue reading Threads

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